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Short Story - Fromandi's Zoo
Short Story - Summer of '64
Short Story - Cleaning Crew
Short Story - Blue Skies
Short Story - What I Knew
Short Story - Getting to Me Time
Short Story - Spring on the Square
Short Story - Seven in the Storm
Short Story - Symptoms
Short Story - The Trailer - Part One
Poetry - The Lost One
Poetry - Hunt for the Kangaroo

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I'm a fledgling writer.  I've completed some pieces with more on the table and even more in my head.  This site is my way of publishing my work, even if only in cyberspace.
Feedback on the sight and its content is always welcome.  So if you have an adventurous spirit, read on!
Short Stories:
Fromandi's Zoo - Carl's visit with his friend, Max the Bear, takes an unexpected turn.
Summer of '64 - A family takes a tour of the USS Saratoga in Jacksonville, Florida
Cleaning Crew - A summer job leads four girls to an interesting discovery.
Blue Skies - Couple debate the merits of her taking a job in an office.
What I Knew - Fred helps Mattie solve a problem.
Getting to Me Time - Routine can mean freedom instead of a rut.
Spring on the Square - Spring and a mysterious box bring two people together.
Seven in the Storm - Parents separate, throwing the family into turmoil and uncertainty.
Symptoms - Meeting of two acquaintances leads to mixed emotions.
The Trailer - Part One - Step-daughter of a man found dead in a trailer deals with the ramifications. (I really need to finish this one!)

Cancun Crab
Photo by Dave Wahn
August 2003

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