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Wahn and Wilbers Family History
Favorite Family Photos
Herb Wilbers Wedding 10 Sep 1919
Lawrence Wilbers and his bride, Helen Herb
Edward Hebbeler, friend of Lawrence and
Marguerite Vastine, cousin of Helen
witnessed their wedding.

Andrew and Anna Kordenbrock Herb
circa 1916

Joseph and Elisabeth Prues Wilbers
1 May 1888

Haunert Wahn Wedding 7 Aug 1930
Sophia Haunert and Elmer Wahn

William Frederic Haunert
circa 1910

Original picture is tin type and written on the back in his daughter, Sophia's, handwriting "Will Haunert  My Dad"

Martha Betsch Haunert Huff
circa 1950

William and Laura Ihle Wahn Garner
Elmer Wahn's Parents Known as Nin and Pop

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