Shotton Wood Family
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This site is dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of Franklyn Meigs Shotton and Ruth Middlebrook Wood. 
Frank, as he was known, was born in Brooklyn in 1924.  Ruth came into this world in Newburgh, Orange County, New York in 1926. 
This is their history and their legacy.

The picture on the right was taken around 1955. In the front center is Frank and behind him is Ruth.  Their two boys are Chris on the left and Geoff on the right. 
Geoff is my husband and was born in Brooklyn at the height of a snowstorm on 27 December 1947.  Chris was also born in Brooklyn and his birthday is 13 July 1950.
Ruth and Frank had two other children.  Valerie was born 13 December 1956 and Victoria on 9 November 1960.  Both girls were born in Mineola, New York. 


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