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Poetry - The Lost One
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The Lost One
Cardboard box brims with reminders.
Everyday objects forced upon a new owner.
Made, bought, gifted accessories of life
collected and cherished by the lost one.
Useful? Perhaps.
Practical? Sometimes.

Rosebud skirting without sheets or shams.
Grandbabies names stitched on quilt patches
waiting to be stuffed.
Lladro angels pray in
styrofoam beds.
Worn faux seed pearls frame
sepia tone bride and groom.
Raincoat with deep pockets for
walks down her favorite street.
Lilacs waft in velour folds
of a creamy house robe.
Ceramic wild life planter, handmade,
occupied with silken ivy.
Two-generations-ago china, chipped
and hidden among newsprint.

Some find an honored nook
others languish in the box.
Treasures tell tales to the few who knew.
Memories fade to vague recollection.
Soon vanishing -
then forever lost.

Diane Shotton

15 November 2003