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Wahn and Wilbers Family History

Wahn Family - From Germany to America

Henry and Elizabeth Binzer Wahn brought their infant son, William, to America in 1853.  Learn about their ancestry and the life they built in Cincinnnati, Ohio.

Frederick C. Wahn married Laura Mary Ihle on 26 November 1902 in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Fairmount Methodist Episcopal Church near his mother’s home in Fairmount.  Fred’s was 28 years old and was occupied as a tinner, someone who makes and repairs things made of light metal.   


Fred and Laura had one child, Elmer Frederick, born 27 June 1903.  The joy of parenthood was short lived, however, when tragedy struck the young family, and Fred died on New Year’s Day, 1904.  The cause of death is unknown but his funeral took place at his home on Straight Street in Cincinnati and his remains interred in Wesleyan Cemetery.  His gravesite cannot be located as there is headstone to mark his final resting place.


Fred’s parents were William and Sarah Jane Ackley Wahn who were married about 1870 in Cincinnati.  Below is some information on their five sons.


William Wahn Jr.

          Born: 25 Aug 1870 - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio

          Died: 5 Jan 1934 - Chicago, Cook County, IL

        Buried: 8 Jan 1934 - Rosehill, Chicago, Cook County, IL

        Spouse: Sophia C. Steger (1868-1942)

          Marr. Date: 1894

        Main Occupation:  Pressman

        Lived in Dayton, Kentucky until 1910


Frederick C. Wahn

          Born: Sep 1874 - Ohio

          Died: 1 Jan 1904 - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio

        Buried: 4 Jan 1904 - Wesleyan Cemetery,

        Spouse: Laura Mary Ihle (1880-1971)

          Marr. Date: 26 Nov 1902 - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio


Charles Wahn

          Born: 1877 - Ohio

          Died: 25 Aug 1893 - Dayton, Campbell Co., Kentucky


Valentine Wahn

          Born: 22 Dec 1878 - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio

          Died: 28 Apr 1957 - Covington, Kenton Co., Kentucky

        Buried: 30 Apr 1957 - Highland Cemetery, Ft. Mitchell

            Never Married – died at Rosedale Manor, Latonia, Kentucky


John Wahn

          Born: 21 Jul 1887 - Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio

          Died: 30 Dec 1955 - Kenton Co., Kentucky Kenton Co., Infirmary

        Buried: 4 Jan 1956 - Highland Cemetery, Ft. Mitchell

                Spouse: Lillian Tryling (1889-          )

    Spouse: Edith Kersting (1891-1954)

Had 2 daughters, Rose and Margaret

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