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Wahn and Wilbers Family History
Elmer Frederick Wahn 1903-1975

This is my Grandpa Wahn.  He and his wife, Sophia Haunert, had three children, the oldest of which is my Dad, Robert. 
Here's some information about Elmer.

Born:  27 June 1903 ,Cincinnati, Ohio
          It was believed for many years that Elmer was born on       1 August 1903 and only when he had to obtain proof of birth to apply for social security, did he learn his real date of birth.
Elmer's father died when he was six months old.  His mother, Laura Ihle Wahn, remarried around 1912 to William M. Garner and they lived on the east side of Covington in the 11th and Scott Street area until 1930. 

Married:  Sophia Augusta Haunert
7 August 1930, Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
Built a house at 3 Madison Court, Covington, Ky. with his parents who took the upper floor of the two story structure.
Children:  Robert (Bob), Carol Jean, James Elmer
High School:  Covington High School

Religion:  Converted to Catholic around 1942

Occupation:  Linotype operator,  part-time bartender at 26th and Madison, Covington, Ky.
Active in Knights of Columbus
Hobbies and interests:  playing cards, deep sea fishing, and filming 8mm movies and showing them.

Elmer Wahn
Deep sea fishing off the coast of Florida

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