Shotton Wood Family
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Thomas Shotton 1857-1920

Thomas Shotton was born in Brettel Lane, Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England on 5 November 1857.  By 1881, Thomas is a glass cutter and lives in the town of Wordsley, near Brierley Hill.  In 1884 he immigrated to the US. 
According to the book, "Glass of Corning" It is believed he was recruited with a group of English men and brought to Corning (Steuben County, New York) in 1884 by T.G. Hawkes.  Thomas worked for T.G. Hawkes for several years.  A man named George Nokes/Noakes/Noxe came with this group as well.
Thomas left Corning in 1893 and founded his own works in Brooklyn and Noakes joined him in 1894.
Nokes and William Waldman were principals of the Shotton Glass Works in Brooklyn.
In 1912 the cutter, Thomas Hagelbauer managed the plant.  In Aug 1912 the plant attempted a move to Corning where Thomas was met with Union resistance.  The plant only operated a few weeks and moved back to Brooklyn in Oct 1912.
The glass works in Brooklyn stayed in business till about 1923.

Name:            Thomas Shotton


Birth Date:            5 Nov 1857

Birth Place:           Brettel Lane, Brierley Hill, Staffordshire, England

Birth Memo:            age 42 at 1900;  age 61 1920;  age 52 at 1910

Death Date:            16 Sep 1920 Age: 62

Death Place:           Brooklyn, Kings County, New York

Death Memo:            166 Lenox Rd, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY

Occupation:            retail merchant of cut glass 1920;  Glass Cutter 1900; 

                       manuf cut glass 1910

Father:                James Shotton (1821-)

Mother:                Martha Green (1822-)


Spouse:            Martha


Birth Date:            Oct 1861

Birth Place:           England

Birth Memo:            age 58 at 1920;  age 38 at 1900;  age 45? at 1910

Occupation:            three children/two living 1900




1 M:            Frankyn James Shotton

Birth Date:            Aug 1890

Birth Place:           Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY


2 M:            Thomas A. Shotton

Birth Date:            Aug 1899 Age: 104

Birth Place:           Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY

Birth Memo:            age 19 at 1920;  age 9/12 at 1900;  at 10 at 1910

Occupation:            clerk at Stock Broker 1920

No one knows what happened to this child.